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    The main functions of the SPAFFC are :

    1. To communicate withorganizations forfriendship with China, social institutions and personages of other countries, establish and develop friendly relations between the peoples of Shanghai and other countries;

    2. To invite and receive organizations forfriendship with China, social institutions and personages from other countries for friendly visits to Shanghai and other parts of China;

    3. To send local delegations and personages overseas for vists, study or exchange activities;

    4. To sponsore or organize international or bilateral exhibitions and other cultural events,including cultural performances, exhibitions, conferences and gala parties;

    5. To facilitate exchange and partnership between foreign and Shanghai institutions, enterprises and personages in the fields of economy, culture, science and technology, education, sports,public health, tourism and social affairs;

    6. To organize cultural and recreational activities and friendly gatherings for foreign friends residing in Shanghai; and

    7. To give guidance to the districts and county of Shanghai in their people-to-people friendly exchanges with foreign countries.