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Female Consular Officials Enjoy “Shanghai Impression” Tour

    On June 18, the Shanghai Municipal Foreign Affairs Office, the Committee of Friendship with Foreign Countries of the CPPCC Shanghai Committee, the Shanghai Women’s Federation and the Shanghai Public Diplomacy Association co-organized a “Shanghai Impression” tour in Jinshan District, inviting female consuls general and consular officials of 15 countries, including Sri Lanka, Bulgaria, the Laos, Ukraine, Thailand, Switzerland and Hungary, to visit Fengjing ancient town, the exhibition room of paintings by Jinshan farmers and the Polish upside-down house.

    Consular officials watched with strong interest the exhibition of Chinese wedding culture and tradition, wedding performances, lion dance and gongs and drums ensemble in Fengjing ancient town. They also painted with local artists on the theme of panda and horse in the Farmer Painting Village

    Irina Beleva, Consul General of Bulgaria, found this tour very rewarding. At the end of the trip, she said that the well-organized program gave the consular officials a good opportunity to appreciate the beauty of Fengjing, the famous historic and cultural town, and learn more about Shanghai’s unique culture, history, architecture and customs like Jinshan farmer painting.