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Yang Xiong Meets Guests from the U.S. National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences

    On July 9, Mayor Yang Xiong met with Neil Portnow, President of the U.S. National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, and Xu Peidong, Party Secretary and Executive Vice President of the Chinese Musicians’ Association, and talked with his guests about Shanghai’s music industry.

    Yang expressed his appreciation to the Recording Academy’s sincerity for cooperation and thanked the Musicians’ Association for its strong support. Music, according to the Mayor, is deeply embedded in the fabric of the city. Shanghai has produced quite a few famous musicians, and the local people are also known for the good taste for music. This is particularly true in recent years when we have shifted our focus more towards growing various cultural industries including music. Our aim is to cultivate more music talent, entertain our citizens with better music and enrich their lives. The Mayor continued to say that the Recording Academy is known in the world for its prestigious GRAMMY Award and Shanghai has a great advantage for being a very open city. Therefore, the two-way cooperation will make new contributions to development of music by not only introducing into China new philosophy and models for music production but also bringing to the world talent and works of music from China and especially Shanghai.

    Portnow said that Shanghai is a great city and the GRAMMY a symbol of excellence. The practical cooperation between the two will surely lend a new boost to the music industry.

    Xu added that Shanghai’s cooperation with the GRAMMY is not only important for China’s music community, but also for the cultural exchange between China and the United States.