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Israeli Agro-technology Training Program Starts in Qingpu District

    On July 28, a training program on agro-technologies taught by Israeli experts was opened in Qingpu District. Together with the Israeli Deputy Consul General in Shanghai, Oren Rozenblat, Deputy District Mayor Jiang Renhui of Qingpu attended and addressed the opening ceremony.

    Jiang said that Qingpu District has made much progress in the agricultural sector in recent years and established modern agricultural zones and production bases such as the Baihe Strawberry Research Institute. However, the District still faces technological bottlenecks in cultivating specialty products, promoting recycling on the farm and developing urban agriculture. Israel is known for its huge achievements in economy, technology and culture. In particular, the country leads the world in greenhouse production, water and fertilizer conservation underpinned by drip irrigation and micro-spraying, hydroponics, industrialized seedling and computerized control of greenhouse environment. Jiang encouraged attendees from the District to learn cutting-edge technologies and management systems from Israel, apply such knowledge in their work, so that agriculture in Qingpu District can grow in a more sustainable way to preserve resources and protect the environment.

    In the four-day program, two Israeli experts will share advanced agro-technologies with 50-plus technicians from Qingpu District and promote cooperation between the two sides in the agricultural sector.