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Belgian Dancers Visit Shanghai

    Between July 8 and 10, a 55-member delegation of the Belgian dancing troupe Imago Tijl visited Shanghai.

    During the visit, the delegation joined colleagues from the dancing troupe of the Shanghai Normal University in a dance show, where the Belgian dancers presented 11 modern or contemporary pieces including “Umbrella”, “A young lady’s feelings” and “Circus” and their Chinese hosts did Chinese folk ones including “Sky flying” and “A year of harvest”. They also taught their guests traditional Chinese ribbon dance after the show.

    Wout, Head of Imago Tijl, said that his fellow dancers had been looking forward to the visit for long and worked hard for the show. They were thrilled by the performance of their Chinese colleagues who blended excellent choreography and amazing music with solid dancing skills, wonderful body figures and glamorous costume, bringing the artistic and aesthetic values of traditional Chinese dance to a higher level.

    The head of the Shanghai Normal University dancing troupe said that with beautiful choreography and presentation Imago Tijl’s modern dance was special and inspiring as it allowed every dancer to relish the joy of dancing with the soul.