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Yang Xiong Meets Fijian President Epeli Nailatikau


    On August 18, Mayor Yang Xiong of Shanghai met with H.E. Epeli Nailatikau, President of Fiji, and welcomed the President on behalf of the Shanghai Municipal People’s Government and the 24 million people of Shanghai. 

    Yang thanked Fiji for its strong support for the World Expo 2010 Shanghai China under the leadership of President Nailatikau and congratulated on the opening of Fiji’s consulate general in Shanghai. Fiji’s participation in Expo Shanghai has not only enabled local citizens to have a better understanding of this country but also promoted the exchange between the two sides. The newly-established consulate general will be another conduit for Shanghai’s cooperation with Fiji and other Pacific island countries. Fiji, with its beautiful scenery and abundant tourism and fishing resources, has attracted an increasing number of Shanghai tourists. Shanghai stands ready to work with Fiji in tourism, agriculture and fishery for win-win development. 

    Nailatikau talked about his previous visits to Shanghai and said that Expo Shanghai has marveled the world. He pointed out that Fiji opened a consulate general in Shanghai as a key step to strengthen its friendly ties with the city, and that the new consulate will play an important role in promoting the friendly exchange between Shanghai and Pacific island countries.