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New Zealand’s Otago Chamber of Commerce Visits Changning

    On July 24 of 2014, John Christie, Chief Executive of Otago Chamber of Commerce of New Zealand and Ying Qin, Dunedin City Council’s China Business Development Manager made a visit to Changning District, in order to learn the district’s trade facilitation efforts up and close and choose a location for the education and tourism representative center for the City of Dunedin.

    The delegation visited Shanghai Mart to gain a better understanding of its hub effect in clustering representative offices under the same roof and all the supportive measures provided for them. The delegation visited Shanghai Digital Trade Company to learn about the one-stop service platform known as “Golden Ants”. The delegation was impressed by the company’s proactive engagement with the market and customers through research services that helped export businesses find their right position.

    The delegation also visited the Hongqiao one-stop service center for trade facilitation. Supported by the Changning District Government, the center is the first platform in Shanghai hosting the offices of the Customs, Inspection and Quarantine as well as banks, which significantly facilitates trade clearance by experimenting with pilot policies such as proximity declaration and one-off release.