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Israeli Agro-technology Training Program Held in Qingpu District


    An agro-technology training program taught by Israeli experts was held in Qingpu District from July 28 to 31. 52 trainees from public service institutions affiliated to the Shanghai Municipal Agriculture Commission and Qingpu Modern Agriculture Park attended the four-day program. 

    The program contained twelve modules such as monitoring of drip-irrigation and fertilization, greenhouse construction and management, organic farming, cultivation of specialty vegetables, use of agricultural robots and new technologies concerning biological pest control. It offered not only thought-provoking theories but also hands-on practices. In addition, experts also showcased handy testing equipment, interacted with trainees in class and arranged many experiments, so that participants could experience first-hand modern precision agriculture from Israel. 

    The training also provided many cases on how to achieve recycling and conservation on the farm, revealed to the attendees the diligence and entrepreneurship of their Israeli counterparts, and taught them how to use cutting-edge technologies for energy conservation and environmental protection so that the agricultural sector could be developed in a sustainable manner.