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Children of the World Visit Yu Yuan Garden


    On July 28, over 800 children from all over the world visited Yu Yuan Garden and toured Chinese garden, walked ancient bridges and streets, and experienced Chinese cuisine and treasures among other traditional cultural icons with curiosity and joy. They saw a unique Shanghai-styled culture at Yu Yuan Garden through the visit as part of the 6th Shanghai International Children’s Culture and Art Festival. 

    They were looking for the distinctive charm of the Garden. A Nepalese child told your reporter that it was his first visit to China, a country he favored much, and he was happy to buy the Chinese products that had only been seen on books or TV before. Upon saying it, he picked up a fan with Chinese brush painting on it and asked, “Is this not pretty? I just bought it and I am going to show it to my parents and friends.”

    At the Shanghai chopsticks shop, a group of children from New Zealand stayed for a long while in front of the Chinese chopsticks and expressed strong interest. They asked the volunteers accompanying them, “They look beautiful! Do you pick up food with them? I have never tried them before. I want to buy a pair and bring them back.” Aside from the Chinese chopsticks, the visitors were also charmed by some unique Shanghainese delicacies including pear syrup candy, five-spiced beans and steamed stuffed buns. 

    The children then entered the antique Yu Yuan Garden, a private garden built in 1559 during the Ming Dynasty. As a pearl of the gardens in the area along the lower reaches of the Yangtze River, it epitomized the architectural style of the traditional Chinese garden design. The distinctively Chinese houses, pavilions, miniature mountains and opera stage all got the young visitors enchanted. They took plenty of photos for memory.