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Yang Meets New US Ambassador


    On July 25, Mayor Yang Xiong of Shanghai met with Max Sieben Baucus, the new US Ambassador to China and expressed welcome to him on his first trip to Shanghai since he assumed the ambassadorship. 

    Yang remarked that Shanghai is the birthplace of the first China-US Joint Communiqué and plays an important role in the bilateral economic and trade relations. Shanghai stands ready to contribute to the new model of great power relationship between the two countries. Over the past few years, Shanghai has enjoyed ever strengthening business and trade ties with the US. Meanwhile the two way investment has grown continuously. Shanghai’s partnership with its American sister cities including San Francisco and Chicago is productive and the city is actively seeking more friendly cooperation with more partners in America. The China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade (FTZ) which captures the world’s attention is making smooth progress. We have taken the initiative in deepening reform and opening-up drive, pursued the path of institutional innovation and have recently released the 2014 version of the negative list as we put into practice all the investment and trade facilitation measures. Yang expressed the belief that the Ambassador’s visit to Shanghai would further enhance mutual understanding and Shanghai-US business ties for win-win outcome. 

    Baucus responded that the US attaches great importance to friendly cooperation with Shanghai and the Disney project is a great symbol of that. The friendly relationship between China and the US is significant and Shanghai is very attractive to American businesses. Meanwhile the FTZ is expected to create a more international market environment. The Ambassador expressed his commitment to strengthening mutual trust and friendly cooperation between the two countries.