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Japanese Youth Basketball Association Visits Huangpu and Jing’an

    Led by President Sasaki Tamiyosi, an 80-plus-member delegation from the Japanese Youth Basketball Association visited Shanghai lately and made local friends while playing basketball together.

    The majority of the delegation were 12-year-old students from all over Japan, who came to Shanghai during summer vacation and played basketball with their peers in the city.

    On August 20 and 21, the delegation went to Huangpu and Jing’an respectively and played friendly matches with teams from Youth Sports Training Schools of the two districts.

    During the match with the Huangpu team, each side sent a team of boys and another of girls to compete with the other side. The teams played hard and in high spirit, and every score was greeted with warm rounds of applause. Having enjoyed playing the game so much, the visiting team asked for an extra match. The game was then extended by 2 more quarters instead of a full rematch, given that the visitors all traveled long distance and were exhausted. The local team was impressed by their opponents’ grit and perseverance even though the latter did not enjoy an advantage in height. After the game, the two sides bid a long goodbye and exchanged gifts and vowed for more future contacts.