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50 Foreign Nationals Wins Shanghai Magnolia Award

    The awarding ceremony for the 2014 Shanghai Magnolia Award was held on September 4. Fifty foreign nationals from 22 countries received the award medal and certificate from Director General Li Mingjun of the Shanghai Municipal Foreign Affairs Office.

    “The winners are champions of their own fields and sectors and have contributed to Shanghai’s economic and social development. People of Shanghai deeply appreciate that.” Li said that as the window of China’s reform and opening-up and center of economic gravity, Shanghai has become the second hometown for many international friends, who bring diverse cultures to the city and strong vigor to its development. This year is the first year of the plan to further advance reform and opening-up and a critical one in Shanghai’s initiative to pursue innovation-driven development and economic transformation. It is our hope that the award will encourage more foreign nationals in Shanghai to make contributions to the city’s development. ”

    Leonard Pratt, winner representative and senior consultant from ICS, SMG, said during his winning speech that he came to Shanghai about 30 years ago and has been a witness of its tremendous change. He loves Shanghai for its vitality and the constant changes. “I’m grateful and proud of being a member of the big family of Shanghai and being acknowledged of what I’ve done for it.”Speaking affectionately in Shanghai dialect, he said: “I’m a Shanghainese no matter where I am.”