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Qingpu District Witnesses the First Successful Case of Cross-Border Hematopoietic Stem Cell Donation

    An employee surnamed Zhu working at the Zhongshan Hospital Qingpu Branch became the first donor of hematopoietic stem cell to foreign recipient in 2014. This is the second case involving an American recipient ever since Shanghai started hematopoietic stem cell donation.

    An active participant in philanthropy, Zhu has donated blood four times since he began to work. His enthusiasm and dedication have made his life extraordinary and meaningful. On July 29, 2009, he became a volunteer donor of hematopoietic stem cell in Qingpu District, showing his care for leukemia patients with his actions.

    Five years later, after he was informed that his blood sample had been successfully matched with that of an Chinese American, he had no hesitation in signing the donation consent with the support of his family. He flew to Beijing, and donated 260ml hematopoietic stem cell at the Air Force General Hospital, the designated hospital for donation to foreign recipients. The “seed of life” with love and hope will be flown to the USA to save the life of an American Chinese patient.