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Students’ Consular Visit Series: Greek Consulate General

    Organized by Shanghai Municipal Foreign Affairs Office and Education Commission, 2014 Students’ Consular Visit Series started on September 12, which would allow more than a hundred primary and secondary students to visit consulates to engage with different cultures and broaden their horizon.

    Some 20 students from Shanghai International Studies University Bilingual School, No.2 Affiliated School of Fudan, Yangpu Primary School and Fudan Science Park Primary School went to the Greek Consulate General in Shanghai. The young visitors listened to Consul General Evgenios-Dimitrios Kalpyris’s briefing on the Greek nation, its history, culture and traditions while enjoying Greek-styled cakes and snacks prepared by wives of the Consul General and Business Consul at the Consulate’s meeting room.

    Xu Li, wife of the Consul General, also gave a vivid presentation to the students on the Greek symbols seen everywhere in the daily life aided by her self-made slides, followed by a Q & A session. After the interaction, the students gave a well-prepared performance of Zheng (21-stringed plucked instrument), Chinese calligraphy, taichi, English songs and dances. They also presented as gifts handwritten Chinese couplets, postcards and paintings to the Consulate.

    This visit to the Greek Consulate is the Series’ first stop. In September and October, more than a hundred students of Shanghai will also visit the consulates of Ireland, Chile, South Africa, Portugal, India, Republic of Korea, UAE, New Zealand and Thailand, in order to gain a better understanding of the above countries.