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Han Zheng Meets with US Ambassador to China

    Party Secretary Han Zheng of Shanghai met with US Ambassador to China Max Baucus on October 8.

    Han introduced to his guests Shanghai’s socioeconomic development and the China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone (FTZ). He said that Shanghai is making an all-out effort to advance various reforms within the FTZ, so as to align our practices with internationally-accepted norms. We will further facilitate trade and investment, treat domestic and foreign businesses equally and accumulate experience that is both replicable and scalable. Since its inauguration a year ago, the Shanghai FTZ has already made a lot of progress. The Party Secretary then spoke of the importance of China-US relationship to the two countries themselves and to the whole world. Throughout the years, Shanghai has carried out extensive exchange with many US cities in economy and other fields. Such cooperation will generate more fruitful results as long as the attitude and policies of both sides remain open and welcoming.

    Ambassador Baucus said China’s development, especially Shanghai’s rapid growth, is very impressive, and appreciated the Chinese government’s dedication to infrastructure development, environmental protection and food safety. The Shanghai FTZ has attracted wide attention and is expected to boost mutual cooperation and common development between the two sides.