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The CPC Jiading District Committee Secretary Meets Winners of “Shanghai Honorary Citizen” and “Magnolia Gold Award”

    On November 26, Ma Chunlei, secretary of the CPC Jiading District Committee, met with Majdi Bader Abulaban and Klaus Hartig, winners of the “Shanghai Honorary Citizen” title and “Magnolia Gold Award” in 2014 respectively.

    Ma Chunlei expressed gratitude to them for their outstanding contributions to Jiading’s economic and social development and public welfare undertakings, saying that Jiading will, as always, provide a sound environment for the friendly personages such as entrepreneurs, experts and scholars from different parts of the world. He hoped that they will continue to share the fruits of development and participate in Jiading’s development.

    Majdi Bader Abulaban thanked Jiading for its great support, saying that he is already bound to Jiading, a place with great potential for economic development, and he will continue to make contributions to Jiading’s economic and social development.

    Majdi Bader Abulaban, Delphi’s global senior vice-president and president for Asia-Pacific region, came to China 20 years ago. He has bought here globally advanced technology research & development and production capabilities and made outstanding contributions to the development of China’s auto industry. A public spirited person, he has donated, on behalf of his company or in his own name, money and goods totaling more than 1.5 million yuan and winning the “Shanghai Charity Star” award.

    Claus Hartig, chairman of Fuchs Lubricants (China) Ltd., received the “Magnolia Silver Award” in 2012, and this year he won the “Magnolia Gold Award” for his contributions to the economic and social development of Shanghai. At the recent awarding ceremony held by the government, he made remarks on behalf of the nine winners of honors.