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Yang Xiong Meets Mayor of Incheon Metropolitan City

    On November 15, Shanghai Mayor Yang Xiong met with a delegation led by Yoo Jeongbok, mayor of the Incheon Metropolitan City, the Republic of Korea, extending his warm welcome to the guests.

    Yang Xiong said that, in recent years, China and the ROK have seen increasingly close bilateral relations and Shanghai also has had more frequent exchanges and cooperation with different parts of the country. Shanghai and Incheon, situated not far from each other and linked by convenient transport service, have considerable potential for cooperation in many areas. China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone can learn from Incheon’s good experience and practices in building its Free Economic Zone. We would like to strengthen the exchange and cooperation between China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone and Incheon Free Economic Zone and promote common development. As the ROK has a developed film and television industry and Shanghai is the birthplace of China’s film industry, we hope the two sides, while intensifying economic and trade cooperation, will have more exchange and cooperation in the film, television, art, educational and sports fields.

    Mayor Yoo Jeongbok praised the achievements made in the building of China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone. He said that Incheon Metropolitan City is the third largest city and the second biggest port of the ROK and there are many similarities between Incheon and Shanghai. He hoped that the two sides will further friendly exchange, particularly the exchange and cooperation between Incheon Free Economic Zone and China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone, which he believed will benefit the economic development of the two cities and the two countries at large.

    Sang Chan Gu, consul general of the ROK in Shanghai, was present at the meeting.