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Zhao Dandan Attends Ceremony of Renewing “Statement on Cooperative Use of Laszlo Hudec Museum by Multiple Parties”

    A ceremony to renew the “Statement on Cooperative Use of Laszlo Hudec Museum by Multiple Parties” was held on December 12. Zhao Dandan, deputy head of the Changning District Government and Livia Szentmartoni, consul for cultural and educational affairs of the Hungarian Consulate-General in Shanghai, attended and spoke at the ceremony.

    Zhao Dandan said that Laszlo Hudec, a Hungarian grand architectural master, was at the peak of his career as an architect in his years in Shanghai. Laszlo Hudec Museum has put forth useful efforts in the protective renovation and use of relic and heritage architecture under protection in Shanghai, making outstanding contributions to the commemoration and spread of Hudec culture.

    Consul Livia Szentmartoni expressed appreciation for the Changning District Government’s help and support to Laszlo Hudec Museum over the years and wished it a better tomorrow.

    Since its opening, Laszlo Hudec Museum has become an important platform for friendly exchange between China and Hungary and for exchange in international architectural culture and art.