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Yang Xiong Meets Visiting Irish President and His Wife

    On December 12, Shanghai Mayor Yang Xiong met with Irish President Michael Higgins and his wife and their party at Xingguo Guesthouse, and on behalf of the Shanghai Municipal People’s Government and the 24 million Shanghai people he extended warm welcome to the distinguished Irish guests.

    Yang Xiong said that in recent years Shanghai and Ireland have seen rapid development in their economic and trade cooperation, and the two countries have formed a mutually beneficial strategic partnership, laying a sound foundation for more exchange and cooperation between Shanghai and the various sides of Ireland. Shanghai and Ireland have been brought together by fate. In the 1930s, Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw visited Shanghai, leaving behind a popular fine tale. Since becoming sister cities, Shanghai and Cork have conducted fruitful exchange and cooperation in the areas of economy, trade, education, culture and training of civil servants. Keeping the future in view, Shanghai is striving to become an international economic, financial, trade and shipping center and a scientific & technological innovation center with a global reach. We will learn from the advanced experience of Ireland in developing high technology and promote our exchange and cooperation in the IT, biopharmaceutical and food safety fields. Shanghai is an open city and it is still expanding its reform and opening-up. We welcome Irish business community and other circles to come to Shanghai to invest or for cooperation, and we will also encourage Shanghai enterprises to go to invest in Ireland. He believed the Irish president’s visit will deepen the exchange and cooperation between the two sides in the educational, cultural, industrial and scientific & technological areas.

    President Higgins noted that Ireland and China have had friendly relations for a long time. He is convinced that China will make greater contributions to the world with its development. Shanghai has a profound cultural foundation and distinctive architectural features and is in a leading position in China’s economic development. Ireland would like to intensify exchange and cooperation in various areas with Shanghai and together meet future challenges.

    Xu Jianguo, Chinese ambassador to Ireland, John Paul Kavanagh, Irish ambassador to China and Austin Gormley, Irish consul general in Shanghai, were present at the meeting.