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Yang Xiong Meets Mayor of Seoul

    On November 4, Yang Xiong, Mayor of Shanghai, met with a delegation headed by Park Won-soon, Mayor of the Seoul Metropolitan Government.

    Yang said that China and the Republic of Korea (ROK) are friendly neighbors. In recent years, the two countries have witnessed frequent exchange of high-level visits and closer ties, laying down a solid foundation for the cooperation and exchange between Shanghai and local governments of Seoul and Jeollanam-do. Given the close business and trade ties between Shanghai and Seoul as well as the importance of Seoul in ROK’s economy, Seoul has successful experience to offer in economic development and urban management. As two populous metropolitan cities, Shanghai wishes to work with Seoul to tackle common challenges confronted by the two cities in their course of development. Under the framework of the newly signed memorandum of understanding (MOU), Shanghai is ready to carry out cooperation and exchange with Seoul between governments, businesses and peoples for win-win development.

    Park thanked Shanghai for its preservation of the former site of the Provisional Government of ROK and applauded the vitality of Shanghai. He said that due to convenient transportation conditions between Shanghai and Seoul. Seoul has attracted more and more tourists and businesses from China, including Shanghai. He hoped that the MOU will further promote the exchanges between the two cities in trade, business, culture and arts.