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Turkish Justice and Development Party’s Study Group Visits Jing’an District

    On December 2, a study group of 17 members, who are senior cadres of the Justice and Development Party (AKP) of Turkey, paid a visit to the “Home of the Sun” and the “Party Members’ Service Center” in Jing’an district.

    The Turkish visitors watched with keen delight cultural performances – famous Chinese and foreign songs sung by a chorus of the handicapped and items performed by mentally retarded children, and then had brief interaction with the mentally handicapped children doing handwork. They spoke highly of the “Home of the Sun” and also bought on the spot some handicrafts made by the mentally slow children to show their compassion for them.

    Next, the group went to the “Party Members’ Service Center”, where they were given a detailed introduction and had a discussion about Party building in Jing’an district and other topics of common interest.