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Yang Met Austrian Vice Chancellor

    On October 24, Mayor Yang Xiong of Shanghai met with Reinhold Mitterlehner, Vice Chancellor and Federal Minister of Economy, Science, Family and Youth of Austria.

    Yang remarked that China and Austria maintain very good relationship. Shanghai has cooperation with Austria in many aspects and has deepened their friendship through Expo 2010 Shanghai China. Guided by the planning of the CPC Central Committee and the spirit of the Fourth Plenary Session of the Eighteenth CPC Central Committee, Shanghai will develop the China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone (FTZ), with the goal of creating a business environment that is more internationalized, market- and rule-based. The FTZ will be aligned with international norms and will further facilitate investment and trade through institutional innovation in investment and trade regulation as well as opening up of the service sector. Yang expressed welcome to Austrian companies and asked them to seize the opportunity and participate in the FTZ development and Shanghai’s international financial and shipping center initiative. Shanghai will strengthen economic, trade, scientific research and cultural exchanges and seek win-win cooperation with Austria.

    Mitterlehner responded that Austria attaches great importance to its trade and business ties with Shanghai. As increasing number of Austrian companies came to Shanghai, the country looks forward to even greater cooperation with Shanghai in commerce, urban planning, environmental protection and scientific research among others.