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Yang Xiong Meets Premier of Quebec

    On October 27, Yang Xiong, Mayor of Shanghai, met with the delegation led by Philippe Couillard, Premier of Quebec, Canada.

    Yang expressed his gratitude for the strong support of Quebec and Montreal to World Expo 2010 Shanghai. He said that the close relations between Shanghai and Quebec, based on the three-decade Shanghai-Montreal sister city cooperation, were cemented by the establishment of an official twinning relationship in 2011. During recent years, the two sides developed cooperation in many areas such as education, science and technology, culture and health. But there is still a great potential since Quebec boasts not only rich resources, but also hi-tech companies and advanced financial sectors. As an important step in China’s deepening reform and opening up, efforts are being made to develop China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone which will bring new opportunities and platforms for companies. Canadian businesses are welcome to strengthen their ties with Shanghai in culture, energy and environment, and to participate in the development of Shanghai International Tourist Zone for mutual benefits.

    Couillard said that Quebec has a vast territory and rich resources. This visit to Shanghai is very fruitful; his delegation, including many business leaders, has signed a series of cooperation agreements with their counterparts in Shanghai. He hopes that the two sides will strengthen exchange, share experience and explore new cooperation in areas such as trade, culture and carbon emission trading.