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Yang Xiong Meets with German Ambassador to China

    On October 30, Shanghai’s Mayor Yang Xiong met with the German Ambassador to China Michael Clauss and his group.

    Yang briefed the group on the progress of the China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone and Shanghai’s industrial transformation among other issues of great interest to the guests. He said China and Germany have enjoyed frequent exchange of high-level visits and deepening friendship over the past few years. Shanghai and Germany boast close ties in economy, trade and education. The exchange and cooperation with Shanghai’s sister city Hamburg has been particularly fruitful. The China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone is a test ground for China’s reform and opening up. Through our institutional innovation in regulation of trade and investment as well as opening up of financial sector, we will further promote investment and trade facilitation, and thereby offering replicable and scalable experience for China to advance reform and opening up. The negative list of the free trade zone will be shortened on a gradual basis. German enterprises are more than welcome to leverage the more open environment of the free trade zone to pursue their own growth. German has been very experienced in innovative economy, which is of much help to Shanghai. In the process of industrial transformation, Shanghai will boost the development of modern services, biomedicine as well as advanced manufacturing and we stand ready to work together with more German enterprises in a win-win scenario.

    Clauss commented that the friendly relationship between German and China is at its best ever and Germany is committed to carrying out exchange and cooperation with China on reform and innovation. Shanghai has played a critical role in China’s reform and opening up. German enterprises are following very closely the opportunities that arise from the development of the free trade zone and the industrial transformation and are looking forward to further exchange and cooperation.

    Peter Rothen, the Consul General of Germany to Shanghai was present at the meeting.