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Yang Xiong Meets with Canadian Foreign Minister John Baird

    Shanghai Mayor Yang Xiong met with Canadian Foreign Minister John Baird and his party on November 10, expressing welcome to the Canadian guests, who came to the city for a visit after attending the APEC ministerial meeting in Beijing

    Mayor Yang Xiong said that China and Canada have seen smooth development in their economic and trade relations. Shanghai has had extensive cooperation with Canada and in particular has had fruitful exchange and cooperation with its sister cities Montreal and Quebec. He hoped that, while deepening such exchange and cooperation in the economic, trade, financial and cultural areas, the two sides will also tap potentials for cooperation in the educational, public health and new energy areas. China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone has been developing smoothly in general in the past year and more since its establishment. Through institutional innovations in investment administration, trade oversight, financial innovation and in- and after-the-event supervision and efforts to make investment and trade more convenient, we have been exploring new channels and accumulating new experience for China’s deepening reform and expanding opening-up and making useful exploration for China to better participate in international cooperation. The building of China (Shanghai) Pilot Trade Zone and Shanghai international financial center creates many opportunities and we welcome Canadian companies to join in for the benefit of common growth.

    Foreign Minister Baird praised Shanghai as a dynamic world-class city, saying that the Canadian and Chinese economies are highly complementary to each other and that there are great potentials for cooperation between Canada and Shanghai in the economic, trade, financial and cultural areas. He also hoped that, as China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone continues its innovations and Canada establishes a renminbi offshore center, the two sides will have more cooperation.

    Riccardo Savone, consul general of Canada in Shanghai, was present at the meeting.