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Consul of Hungarian Consulate General Pays a Visit to Changning District
    On January 14, Livia Szentmartoni, consul for cultural and educational affairs at the Hungarian Consulate General in Shanghai paid a call on the Foreign Affairs Office of Changning District.
    The Hungarian consul expressed gratitude to Chinagning district for its support to and cooperation with the work and activities of the consulate general for a long time and hoped to have more and better cooperation in the future.
    The two sides reviewed their previous cooperation, particularly that on L. E. Hudec project – the renovation of the former residence of L. E. Hudec and the completion of L. E. Hudec Museum, which has become an attraction in and an important window on the ties between China and Hungary and the exchange between Shanghai and Hungary.
    They also exchanged views on the protection and development of L. E. Hudec architecture, college educational exchange and future cooperation.