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“Romantic Czech, Romantic Prague” and Czech-China Opening of The Year 2015 Open at Changning Library
    “Romantic Czech, Romantic Prague”, a picture exhibition, and Czech-China Opening of The Year 2015, jointly sponsored by the Consulate General of the Czech Republic, the Shanghai Office of the Czech Tourism Administration and Changning Library, opened at Changning Library on March 10.
    Czech Consul General Richard Krpa? said that his country will conduct “Four Peaks” in the city this year, which refer to activities that cover four areas: visits by high-level Czech officials, picture exhibitions, arts and films, and variety of shows. These activities will be aimed at presenting Czech in an all-round way, promoting Czech’s distinctive features and charms, and boosting Czech’s cooperation with China in multiple areas.
    “Romantic Czech, Romantic Prague” is an exhibition rich in content, whose exhibits include Czech’s beautiful landscape photographs, real 3D printings of its architecture and Czech produced game prototypes and introductions. The exhibition brings home its theme of “Czech, full of stories” in multiple ways.
    It opens from March 10 to March 22 (opening 9:00-16:00, Tuesday through Sunday), admission free.