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Delegation of Kashima City, Saga Prefecture, Japan, Visits Qingpu District
    A delegation of four from Kashima City of Japan’s Saga Prefecture, led by Hashiguchi Hiroshi, a counsellor to Kashima’s Department of Industry, paid a friendly visit to Qingpu district on March 12.
    The Japanese group first went to Hitachi Elevator (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd. at Qingpu Industrial Park (QIP), where they toured the company’s production line and took elevator rides at its testing tower. They then went to QIP’s headquarters, where they were given a briefing on the park’s planning, construction and enterprises settled there. Hashiguchi Hiroshi listened attentively to the relevant plans for Qingppu’s industrial development and highly affirmed Japanese enterprises’ development in the district.
    Following the tour, the delegation had a friendly and in-depth discussion with leading officials of Qingpu’s economic commission and agricultural commission.
    Zhang Zhengyi, deputy director of Qingpu District Economic Commission, gave an introduction to the district’s industrial development and foreign investment, and he pointed out that Japanese businesses are the best of all the foreign enterprises in Qingpu in terms of investment quality and returns. He hoped that the delegation will have opportunities to learn more about Qingpu’s development, particularly the putting into operation of the National Convention and Exhibition Center and Metro Line 17 under construction. These major projects driving Qingpu’s high-level development may provide opportunities for the exchange and cooperation between Qingpu and Kashima.
    Zhu Weidong, deputy director of Qingpu District Agricultural Commission, had an intensive exchange of views with Kashima guests about such questions as saving labor through use of agricultural machinery and reducing the use of pesticide.
    The two sides agreed that there are big similarities between Qingpu and Kashima, and they can pursue more cooperation in agricultural technology. Both wished to, through agricultural projects and visits, deepen their friendly relations.