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Yang Xiong Meets French Prime Minister Manuel Valls
    Shanghai Mayor Yang Xiong met with H.E. Manuel Valls, prime minister of France and his delegation on January 31, expressing warm welcome to the distinguished French guests.
    Yang Xiong said that at present the relations between China and France are developing with good momentum, and Shanghai has had friendly exchange and cooperation with France in many areas. Shanghai forged sister-city bonds with Rhone-Alpes Region and Marseille quite early and has conducted fruitful cooperation with them in a host of fields. The French pavilion and the pavilion of Rhone-Alpes Region from the World Expo 2010 in Shanghai have been kept and reopened to the public after rearrangement, which provide the local people with a window on French culture. He believed that the French prime minister’s visit will deepen the exchange in the economic, trade, scientific & technological and cultural areas between Shanghai and France. In the past year and more since its establishment, the China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone has adopted a series of policy measures to expand reform and opening up, making it more convenient for businesses around the world to come to Shanghai to invest and trade. We welcome more French companies to participate in Shanghai’s development, and we encourage Shanghai enterprises to go to invest in France. The mayor also called for the two sides to increase exchange in the educational, literary and art fields and expand cooperation in the financial, scientific & technological, transportation, medical and health areas.
    Prime Minister Manuel Valls said that Shanghai not only has attracted investment of a large number of French companies, but is one of the Asian cities where a sizable French population resides. With the adoption of French visa facilitation measures, he believed that there will be more frequent exchanges of personnel between France and China. His country welcomes more Chinese students, more Chinese enterprises to go to invest and more Chinese tourists. France will create for you better conditions and environment.