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Mayor of Wyong Shire of Australia Visits Qingpu District
    On January 19, Doug Eaton, mayor of Wyong Shire, Australia and his party made a visit to Qingpu No. 1 High School and Songze Ruins Museum.
    At Qingpu No. 1 High School, Principal Leng gave the Australian visitors an introduction to the school and expressed a wish for educational exchange with Wyong Shire.
    The Australian mayor and his party interacted cordially with the teachers of the school. During a tour of the school, they were shown students’ extracurricular activities ranging from astronomy, modern drama, exploration, tae kwon do, African hand drum to paper-cutting, robot and archery. When visiting the students doing paper-cutting, the students cut works in the designs of snake and sheep and presented them to the guests as gifts, followed by a photo taken together. The mayor’s wife, when visiting with the calligraphy group, wrote impromptu with a Chinese writing brush “Moored by Maple Bridge at Night”, drawing enthusiastic applause of the teachers and students around. Later, the Wyong mayor and his party also visited Songze Ruins Museum.
    The mayor and his wife said they were impressed by what they saw and they would continue to discuss their exchange with Qingpu district after going back home.