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Delegation of Papeete, French Polynesia Visits Changning District

    A delegation of Papeete, the capital of French Polynesia, led by Ms. Daniele Teaha, the second deputy mayor of Papeete, visited Changning district on March 23-30.

    Coming with the delegation were also representatives of the local Chinese community (organizers of the educational exchange program between secondary school students in French Polynesia and China): Ms. Noelle Tiare, president of Hei Taina Association, Mr. Victor Lau, vice-president of Wenfa Cultural Association and Ms. Marie Lau, and 18 high school students from Papeete.

    They stayed at three high schools in Changning, the High School Affiliated to East China University of Political Science and Law, Xianxia High School and Loushan High School, for three weeks on a program featuring learning of the Chinese language and cultural experience.

    During their stay in the city, they visited Shanghai Museum of Social Cohesion, Changning District Urban Planning Exhibition Hall and Shanghai Science and Technology Museum, which provide reference for a Papeete city museum whose construction is under preparations now. They went to Changning Library and Ctrip’s headquarters, where they had discussions about cooperation in exhibition of photo works and real objects, in cultural performance and in online promotion of tourism products. They attended cultural experience courses (calligraphy and ceramic art) offered specially to them at the three Chinese high schools, and made a one-day excursion to Zhujiajiao, an ancient water town in this region south of the Yangtze. They greatly appreciated the arrangements made for them by their hosts.

    In addition, they visited Jiangsu Road Sub-district Office, where they learned about the services offered to benefit the residents at its residents’ service center and about the cultural life of the residents. They toured some commercial facilities in Changning and got an understanding of its modern service industry and three major industrial parks. At Tianshan Tea Mall and Yuyuan Garden’s Mid-lake Pavilion Teahouse, they had a taste of ancient Oriental tea culture, and they strolled along the Bund and in the Old Town and went to the top of the Oriental Pearl TV Tower to gain firsthand knowledge of Shanghai’s history and landscape and the miraculous changes that have taken place in the city.