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Han Zheng Meets President of International Skating Union

    Han Zheng, secretary of the CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee, met with Ottavio Cinquanta, president of the International Skating Union and his party on March 21.

    Han Zheng said that in the 30 years and more since the start of reform and opening up, more and more Chinese people have become familiar with and liked ice sports and many ice sports have taken root in the hearts of the people. He expressed thanks to the International Skating Union for placing the World Figure Skating Championships 2015, a top sports event, in Shanghai, China, and he believed that through the skating championships even more Chinese people will like and take an active part in ice sports and other winter sports. Shanghai will go all out to meticulously organize the World Figure Skating Championships 2015 and turn it into a most successful and splendid ice sports event.

    Ottavio Cinquanta said that the International Skating Union feels much honored to cooperate with Shanghai in sponsoring the World Figure Skating Championships 2015. Figure skating is the most wonderful and difficult item among the ice sports. Many superb Chinese figure skaters have scored outstanding achievements in major international competitions. He expected to see excellent performance by skaters at this skating competition in Shanghai and also would like to see more Chinese people joining ice sports.