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Zhou Bo Meets Deputy Mayor of Prague, Czech
    Shanghai Vice-Mayor Zhou Bo met with Petr Dolínek, deputy mayor of Prague, the Czech Republic and his party on April 22. 
    Zhou Bo reviewed the increasingly more cooperation between Shanghai and Prague in the economic, trade, health, scientific & technological and cultural areas in recent years. He said Shanghai and Prague have shared wishes and can supplement each other by utilizing their respective strengths, so it is right time now for the two to develop friendly relations. He looked forward to the two cities furthering their practical cooperation, now that they have signed a MOU with an intention to forge sister-city ties subsequently. There is a great potential for economic and trade cooperation between them, as many Shanghai enterprises show keen interest in making investment in Czech and it is highly necessary for the institutions of higher learning in the two cities to conduct exchange in the process of Shanghai’s building of an open scientific & technological innovation center with a global reach.
    Petr Dolínek told his host that Prague sees Shanghai as an Asian economic and financial center, and he thanked the Shanghai Municipal Government for paying high attention to the cooperation between the two cities. The MOU signed between the two cities is of great significance to the deepening of their mutual trust, and he looked forward to more exchange and cooperation with Shanghai in the traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), school-to-school, youth, cultural and tourism areas. During his Shanghai trip, the deputy mayor of Prague will also discuss with China Eastern Airlines about opening direct flight between Prague and Shanghai. 
    After the meeting, Zhou Bo and Petr Dolínek signed the Memorandum of Understanding between Shanghai of the People’s Republic of China and Prague of the Czech Republic on the Intent to Establish Sister-City Relations.