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Delegation of Australia-China Friendship Society, New South Wales Branch Visits Huangpu District
    At the invitation of the Shanghai People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, a delegation of the New South Wales branch of Australia-China Friendship Society visited Waitan (Bund) Community Cultural Center on April 20.
    The delegation arrived at a time just when the community school and various recreational groups were doing their activities. The Australian friends were fascinated by the activities going on there, such as ping-pong, calligraphy, painting, knitting, piano, singing and dancing.
    The calligraphy and painting society members presented their best works as gifts to the visitors, wishing that they will share these tokens of Chinese culture with more Australians when they go back.
    Teacher Gong of the knitting class showed to the Australian guests the sweater she wore that she had hand-knit, her hands holding a sleeveless woolen sweater that a student of her class had just finished knitting, with a pattern of owl on it which is extremely true to life. 
    The visitors from Australia showed keen interest in the handiworks in the showroom, particularly in sock flowers, about which they were intensely curious as to how they were made. When told that these lifelike flowers were made of only ordinary socks and lead wires, they all cried out, “Amazing”!
    At the end of the tour, the delegation praised the center for its service concept, varied teaching and activities and rich results.