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Yang Xiong Meets Burgomaster of Goteborg, Sweden
    Shanghai Mayor Yang Xiong met with Anneli Hulthén, burgomaster of Goteborg, Sweden and the delegation she led on April 11. The two mayors had a talk on topics including boosting their sister-city cooperation and coping with common challenges.
    Mayor Yang Xiong said that Goteborg is one of Shanghai’s sister cities with which Shanghai has conducted exchanges most frequently. Over the years, the two cities have had fruitful exchange and cooperation in the economic, trade, port, transportation and educational areas. Shanghai will continue to implement exchange and cooperation with Goteborg in accordance with the Memorandum on Friendly Cooperation and Exchange 2013-2016 signed by the two sides. As a megacity, Shanghai is faced with such challenges as ageing of population and environmental pollution. It will make unremitting efforts to provide service for the seniors by adding facilities and encouraging them to live out their retirement life at home, and develop green energy and transportation and reduce emission. Shanghai will learn from Goteborg, as the latter has made useful exploration and accumulated experience in these areas. He hoped to see the two cities deal with common challenges and expand exchange and cooperation.
    Burgomaster Anneli Hulthén said that when Goteborg Symphony Orchestra came to Shanghai on the occasion of the 65th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Sweden and China, it was warmly received by the local audience, which was a highlight in the cultural exchange between the two cities. As Goteborg and Shanghai will celebrate the 30th anniversary of their friendly ties next year, the burgomaster expected the two cities to have more cooperation in provision of service for the elderly, green energy and transportation and achieve better development.