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Founder of Paradise Address Memorial Website in Australia Visits Qingpu District
    On June 9, Mr. Dereck, founder of Paradise Address Memorial Website in Australia, paid a visit to Fu Shou Yuan International Group, Shanghai Company.
    While touring Celebrities’ Garden, Le Zhi Xuan, which is after the style of a classical garden, and New Fourth Army Plaza, which carries revolutionary memories, the Australian friend inquired about Fu Shou Yuan’s online memorial service, plans for the cemetery, design of products, burying service and innovation in forms of burying.
    During the tour, he praised Shanghai Fu Shou Yuan’s innovative concepts in paying respects to the dead, careful studies in its development and distinctive cultural environment.
    After the tour, he went to visit Shanghai Fu Shou Yuan Memorial. As an Australian who is interested in Chinese history, he was excited to see the collection by celebrities in modern and contemporary Shanghai. He sighed, “My visit to Shanghai Fu Shou Yuan and meeting with Chinese friends are an extraordinary experience. I have seen here innovations of China’s funeral industry in both spatial design and concept and its modernization development.”