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Yang Xiong Meets Deputy Mayor of Chicago

    On July 16, Yang Xiong, mayor of Shanghai, met with Steve Koch, representative of the mayor of Chicago and deputy mayor of Chicago, and his party.

    Yang Xiong said that as important economic centers of our respective countries, Shanghai and Chicago have been sister cities for over 30 years now. The two sides have steadily advanced friendly ties and made abundant achievements in our exchange and cooperation in various areas. As an important measure of China to further deepen reform and expand opening up, Shanghai is currently speeding up institutional innovation in investment and trade management, financial reform and opening of the service industry and further promoting investment and trade facilitation. This will create opportunities for the economic and trade cooperation between our two cities. Scientific & technological innovation provides an important impetus for the economic and social development. Shanghai is in the process of building a scientific & technological innovation center with a global reach, where startups and innovations of all kinds are flourishing. He hoped to see more exchange and cooperation between institutions of higher learning and innovative businesses and development of both sides.

    Steve Koch said that this year marks the 30th anniversary of sister-city relationship between Chicago and Shanghai. Shanghai Center, designed by Chicago architects, is admirable and stands a witness to our friendship. The two cities will continue to show each other’s city image promotion films and enhance the mutual understanding and friendship between the peoples. Chicago would like to strengthen exchange and cooperation in the new area of scientific & technological innovation and win together with Shanghai.