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Yang Xiong Meets Chairman of New Home Association in Hong Kong

    On August 11, Shanghai Mayor Yang Xiong met with Hui Wing Mau, chairman of New Home Association in Hong Kong, and a Hong Kong youth delegation for exchange of experience in innovation and business start-up and a Hong Kong youth group revisiting Shanghai five years after the World Expo Shanghai in 2010 that were led by him.

    Mayor Yang Xiong said that Shanghai-Hong Kong cooperation has a long history and great potential for development and, since the start of reform and opening up, in particular, Shanghai has had the vigorous support of Hong Kong in its development and has benefited a lot from Hong Kong’s concepts and experience. Faced with a new world economic situation and pattern, we would like to further strengthen exchange and cooperation with Hong Kong and actively explore new ways, new channels and new areas of cooperation for our common prosperity. In the nearly two years since its establishment, China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone has introduced a series of institutional innovative measures aimed at investment and trade facilitation and it will further expand reform and opening up. Shanghai is also building a scientific and technological innovation center with a global reach, which has set off waves of innovations and start-ups by the young people. This will add a new area for exchange between the youth of Shanghai and Hong Kong and for cooperation between the two cities, in general. We expect to see more innovative and start-up activities by Hong Kong’s young people and we welcome you to Shanghai for development.

    Chairman Hui Wing Mau noted that Shanghai has developed fast economically, where there is a strong atmosphere for innovations and start-ups, and Shanghai, as a highly inclusive city, has attracted talent of all kinds. He believed that their current trip will help arouse enthusiasm of the young people in Hong Kong for innovation and start-up and will contribute to the cooperation between Hong Kong and Shanghai.

    New Home Association organized in total nearly 1,200 Hong Kong youth to visit Beijing, Shanghai and other places on this trip. During their stay in Shanghai, they have attended a meeting exchanging experience with the Shanghai youth in innovation and business start-up and will visit places including innovation parks.