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Yang Xiong Meets Minister-President of Baden-Württemberg State, Germany
    On October 23, Yang Xiong, mayor of Shanghai, met with Winfried Kretschmman, minister-president of Baden-Württemberg State, Germany, and his delegation.
    Mayor Yang Xiong said that the Sino-German relations have undergone sound development and there has been a frequent exchange of high-level visits between the two countries. Shanghai and Germany have maintained close economic and trade ties and German companies have actively participated in Shanghai’s economic construction and our cooperation has yielded abundant fruits. Shanghai will continue to play a due role in the cooperation between the two countries. In recent years, Shanghai has actively implemented an innovation-driven development strategy, strived for transformation of economic development mode and proposed building a science & technology innovation center with a global reach. All this has opened up new vistas for cooperation between Shanghai and Germany and the universities, science research institutions and businesses of the two sides can have more exchange and cooperation. Also, Shanghai is pushing forward the building of China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone and has introduced a series of new reform measures centering on investment and trade facilitation and financial reform and opening up, which offers new development opportunities for Shanghai and German enterprises. We would like to set up new exchange platforms, expand cooperation channels and increase cooperation in new areas, new projects and new contents, in particular, that between the medium and small businesses. He believed the visit by the minister-president will promote our exchange in the economic, trade, cultural and art fields.
    Minister-President Winfried Kretschmman said that China has achieved rapid economic development in the last few decades and he is impressed by what he has seen during his visit to the city. We follow Shanghai’s building of a science & technology innovation center, and hope to deepen cooperation centering on digitization, environmental protection and industry 4.0 that reflect future development trend and promote the cooperation between universities and science research institutions and the exchange between medium and small businesses, and jointly meet the challenges in urban development and enjoy development opportunities.
    Peter Franz Josef Rothen, consul general of Germany in Shanghai, was present at the meeting.