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Yang Xiong Meets CEO of Springer Nature
    On October 19, Yang Xiong, mayor of Shanghai, met with Derk Haank, chief executive officer of Springer Nature, and his party.
    Yang Xiong extended congratulations on the signing of a strategic cooperation agreement between Springer Nature and Shanghai Science and Technology Commission, saying that the strategic cooperation between the two sides is launched just at the right time, when Shanghai is speeding up building an international science & technology innovation center with a global reach. Science & technology innovation is an important driving force for social progress. Shanghai is at a new stage of transformation from essential factor-driven to innovation-driven development. Shanghai has many institutions of higher learning and science research institutions, a large pool of science & technology talent and a considerable amount of major scientific research infrastructure facilities, and we will put in efforts to create a better environment and further propel scientific & technological progress and innovation. NATURE and other journals enjoy a high reputation in the world, which, through introducing latest achievement and disseminating knowledge in science & technology, spur more people to participate in science & technology innovation. He hoped that Springer Nature will help Shanghai know more about the development in the frontiers of science & technology and introduce Shanghai’s achievements in science & technology to the world, and encourage Shanghai scientists to participate more in international exchange and cooperation.
    Derk Haank said that Springer Nature not only follows global scientific and technological development, but also promotes the advance of science and technology. It takes a high interest in Shanghai’s goal of building a globally influential science & technology innovation center and it is willing to contribute to the city’s striving for the realization of its goal and for more international exchange and cooperation in science & technology innovation.
    Springer Nature is a global leader in the scientific, academic, educational and professional publishing fields, which owns such well-known brands as NATURE and Scientific American.