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Baoshan cement producer fined 1.18 million yuan

    A cement plant in the citys Baoshan District was fined 1.18 million yuan for heavy pollutions and was closed temporarily closed for upgrade.

    Nearby residents have long suffered dust pollution from the plant. The Baoshan District Environmental Protection Bureau slapped the fine according to Chinas revised Environment Protection Law.

    The plant got away with light punishment with the old version of the law. The bureau said the new law bases cash fines on the number of days from the time a warning notice is issued to the offender to the time the offender is caught violating the law again.

    The 28 days multiply by 42,000 yuan is the fine of 1.18 million yuan levied against the cement company, Li Weihua, deputy director of the bureau, explained.

    Shanghai also started to blacklist companies that violated the Environment Protection Law. The companies have difficulty obtaining bank loans and receiving awards.