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Yang Xiong Meets Global Relations & Investment President of Teachers’ Pension Fund, Canada
    On January 12, Shanghai Mayor Yang Xiong met with Ken Manget, president for global relations and investment, Ontario Teachers’ Pension Fund, Canada, and expressed appreciation for its talks with Shanghai Airport Authority over cooperation.
    He said that Shanghai is propelling with full steam the building of China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone, making institutional innovations to further facilitate investment and trade, step up financial reform and opening up and raise the level of opening up to the outside world. During the 13th Five-Year Plan period, Shanghai will increase input in infrastructure and speed up gathering financial essential factors. It is expected that air freight will continue to develop and passenger transport will also benefit from growing outbound tourism. All these will boost the development of Shanghai’s aviation market and create more opportunities for its cooperation with overseas partners. We welcome international institution investors, including Ontario Teachers’ Pension Fund, to be a part of Shanghai’s development and the win-win cooperation.
    Ken Manget introduced that Ontario Teachers’ Pension Fund follows a global investment strategy and cooperates with many airports in the world. Shanghai is an important city in Asia and he felt pleased to have the opportunity to cooperate with Shanghai Airport Authority. He hoped to bring his fund’s rich global investment experience to Shanghai for the benefit of the development of Shanghai’s aviation industry.