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Han Zheng: Shanghai Wishes to Draw International Wisdom in Building Science & Technology Innovation Center
    On October 31, Han Zheng, secretary of the CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee, met separately with Murilo Ferreira, president and CEO of Vale S.A., Klaus Engel, chairman and CEO of Evonik Industries AG, Peter Hancock, president and CEO of American International Group, Inc., Michael Diekmann, vice-chairman of IBLAC and former chairman and CEO of Allianz SE, Mark Weinberger, chairman and CEO of EY, and Joerg Reinhardt, chairman of Novartis.
    Han Zheng said that in the 20 years and more since the IBLAC meeting was created, we have made many friends. Its members have discussed topics of common interest and shared their experience, making contributions to Shanghai’s development. In reflection of the fast-moving age the meeting topics change and this year we focus again on innovation, but its connotation has undergone a profound change. In building a science and technology innovation center with a global reach, Shanghai needs to draw international wisdom and experience, in particular, to gather international talent with an international vision. He looked forward to the old and new friends in the international business community sharing the innovative concepts and experience in the world today and putting forward their valuable ideas and suggestions.
    He went on to say that according to the requirements and plans of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, Shanghai is making every effort to propel the building of China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone. A few days ago, the State Council promulgated the Program on Promoting Pilot Innovation in Financial Opening at China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone and Speeding up the Building of Shanghai International Financial Center, which is an important measure for the expansion of China’s opening up and reform and the building of Shanghai International Financial Center. We will steadily carry forward the financial reform and opening up at the FTZ while keeping risks under effective control. The IBLAC members’ companies have developed successfully in Shanghai over the years and he hoped to see further expansion of cooperation on the FTZ platform for common development.
    Murilo Ferreira, Klaus Engel, Peter Hancock, Michael Diekmann, Mark Weinberger and Joerg Reinhardt viewed the meeting topic of innovation as in tallying with the development trend of the world today and said now is the best time to discuss the topic. For any country, city or enterprise, innovation is the foremost force driving the development and it plays a decisive role. The international business community follows with great interest Shanghai’s building of an international science and technology innovation center with a global reach, and they will voice their valuable suggestions and share latest international experience on the IBLAC platform. Also, the international business community pays close attention to the FTZ’s development and hopes to actively participate in its building and identify new opportunities.