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Yang Xiong Meets Chairman of New York University, US

    On November 20, Yang Xiong, mayor of Shanghai, met with William Berkley and Andrew Hamilton, chairman and president-designate of New York University (NYU), US, and their party.

    Yang Xiong said that to build itself into a first-class city in the world Shanghai must offer first-class education in the world. NYU Shanghai is the first institution of higher learning established by China and the United States in cooperation, having legal personality and authorization to grant degrees. The university, running smoothly since its founding, has been well received by the students and their parents and has become a model for schools run jointly by China and foreign countries. At present, Shanghai is stepping up turning itself into an international economic, financial, trade and shipping center and a science & technology innovation center with a global reach, which calls for the universities and colleges, including NYU Shanghai, to turn out more talent of high caliber. Faced with a rapid developing world and new things emerging in quick succession, higher education itself also needs to be reformed and innovated so as to better adapt to the new situations and constant changes. The mayor hoped that the two sides will complement each other with their respective strengths and NYU Shanghai will keep innovating its teaching and expand collaboration with the relative institutions of higher learning in Shanghai and achieve vigorous development. Shanghai will give full support to its development, and he believed that the wide consensus and close cooperation between the two sides will bring bout greater success.

    William Berkley and Andrew Hamilton said that education is the cornerstone of a city’s development. Shanghai is an innovative city, which has scored achievements that are a focus of world attention today. NYU Shanghai is an important overseas project of NYU and we are deeply heartened by its achievements in so short a time. It will have our full support and better contribute to Shanghai’s economic and social development.