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Yang Xiong Meets President of Nigeria
    On April 14, Shanghai Mayor Yang Xiong met with Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari and his party and extended warm welcome to the distinguished Nigerian guests on behalf of the Shanghai Municipal Government and the people of Shanghai.
    He said there has been longstanding friendly exchange and cooperation between Shanghai and African countries, and the successful participation of African countries in the World Expo Shanghai in 2010, in particular, has further enhanced the profound friendship existing between Shanghai and African countries including Nigeria. President Muhammadu Buhari attaches great importance to infrastructure development, which is of utmost importance to the development of a country, region or city. Since the start of reform and opening up, Shanghai has carried forward vigorously the development of infrastructure and steadily improved investment and business environment, attracting more and more investment and driving its rapid economic development. We would like to share with Nigeria our experience in this regard. In recent years, Shanghai has exerted considerable effort to carry out industrial restructuring, gradually shape an industrial structure dominated by services and actively develop an advanced manufacturing industry. Meanwhile, more and more Shanghai enterprises are going to invest overseas. There is high potential for our cooperation in investment and trade. He believed the president’s visit will further promote the exchange and cooperation between China and Nigeria and between Shanghai and Nigeria. Shanghai would like to play a bigger role in China-Africa and China-Nigeria friendly cooperation and exchange.
    President Muhammadu Buhari expressed appreciation for China’s great support and help to Nigeria in its infrastructure construction and economic development over the years, saying that on this visit he saw with his own eyes Shanghai’s development achievements. Infrastructure is very important to Nigeria’s sustained development, so he wished to have further exchange and cooperation with Shanghai and achieve better development of the Nigerian cities.