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Yang Xiong Meets Mayor of Toronto, Canada

    Shanghai Mayor Yang Xiong met with Toronto Mayor John Tory, Canada, and the delegation he led on April 9.

    Yang Xiong said China-Canada economic and trade relations have developed smoothly and the cooperation and exchange between Shanghai and Canada have steadily deepened. Shanghai has forged sister-city ties with Montreal and Quebec province successively. Many Canadian financial institutions and businesses have come to Shanghai and more and more Shanghai enterprises are going to Canada to invest. In recent years, Shanghai has vigorously propelled economic transformation and upgrading and has achieved considerable progress in building itself into an international economic, financial, trade and shipping center. It has gradually developed from an industrial city into one dominated by service industry. Aiming for further reform and opening up, we began to build China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone in 2013, where we have been promoting trade and investment facilitation, making financial reforms and expanding opening up of the service industry. The FTZ has facilitated the “going global” of Chinese enterprises and also has attracted more foreign companies to invest in China. Looking ahead, free trade will bring about more opportunities for mutually beneficial and win-win cooperation. As Shanghai and Toronto have many similarities and are faced with common challenges in development, the Shanghai Mayor called for more exchange and cooperation between the two sides in the urban planning and construction, public transport, higher education, cultural & art and clean technology areas.

    John Tory said Shanghai has undergone great admirable changes in the last 30 years and more. Toronto follows keenly the economic transformation and upgrading in progress in Shanghai and he would like to have with Shanghai more exploration on topics including the development of knowledge economy and sharing of experience in tackling common problems in urban development and promote pragmatic cooperation.