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Yang Xiong Meets President of Benin

    On September 9, Shanghai Mayor Yang Xiong met with H.E. Patrice Talon, president of the Republic of Benin, and his delegation.

    Yang Xiong said China and Benin are good friends, partners and brothers of mutual trust, whose pragmatic cooperation in various areas are steadily progressing and benefiting the two peoples. Shanghai would like to play a bigger role in China-Benin amicable cooperation and exchange. At present, Shanghai is accelerating the building of itself into an international economic, financial, trade and shipping center. We would like to strengthen cooperation and exchange with other countries in the world including Benin for common development. China and Benin are highly complementary economically and the economic and trade exchange between Shanghai and Benin has just started, which carries the potential for development. We will encourage Shanghai enterprises to invest in Benin and would also like to explore with Benin models of cooperation suitable for conditions of Benin. He believed H.E. President Patrice Talon’s visit will surely deepen understanding and cooperation between the two sides.

    President Patrice Talon said he was delighted to visit Shanghai, a beautiful and renowned city. In the past several decades, the Chinese people, with their wisdom, have changed China and made an impact on the world. Benin would like to learn from and borrow the experience of China and Shanghai and find a development path suitable for it. He welcomed Chinese and Shanghai businesses to invest in Benin and achieve common prosperity.