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Yang Xiong Attends “Shanghai Leaders’ Meeting with Foreign Consular Corps 2016”

    “Shanghai’s biggest advantage is opening up, so we will further deepen reform and expand opening up and strengthen our cooperation and exchange with various countries in the world.” On December 9, Shanghai Mayor Yang Xiong attended the meeting between Shanghai leaders and the foreign consular corps in 2016, at which he introduced to foreign consular officials the developments in Shanghai’s economic and social development and in the building of China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone and Shanghai international science and technology center and also interacted frankly with them on topics including ecological building, new round of master plan of the city and cultural building.

    He said since the beginning of this year Shanghai has taken actions to adapt to the new economic norms, driving supply-side structural reform, innovation-driven development and economic transformation and upgrading, and steady economic growth. As a result, its economic structure, quality and efficiency have all been improving consistently, reform and innovation have scored new progress, urban functions have been further strengthened and the people’s quality of life has improved. Overall, Shanghai’s economic and social development has been smooth, with new progress made and being better than expected.

    Regarding China (Shanghai) Piot Free Trade Zone and Shanghai international science & technology innovation center, whose building draws high attention of all, Yang Xiong said the Shanghai FTZ has met the three-year target on the whole. We have primarily carried out institutional innovations in four areas, that is, investment administration, trade supervision, financial opening up and innovation, and in- and after-event supervision. The institutional framework has taken shape there, with over 100 institutional innovation results now being duplicated across the country. Since the start of its building, the Shanghai FTZ has registered 40,000 businesses, more than the total in the previous 20 years. On the basis of summing up and evaluating its past three years, we are drawing the plan for further reform in the next period. In speeding up the building of a globally influential science & technology innovation center, Shanghai is implementing the national innovation-driven development strategy. In the first half of this year, the central government approved the plan for the building of Zhangjiang comprehensive national science center and Shanghai’s experiment plan for carrying forward the comprehensive innovation and reform, which we are making every effort to carry out. On the one hand, we are trying to enhance our ability in science & technology innovation, with emphasis laid on Zhangjiang comprehensive national science center, and at the same time we are making arrangements for a batch of general technology research & development and transformation platforms and constructing a batch of science & technology innovation zones to drive mass entrepreneurship and innovation. On the other, we are making institutional innovation in science and technology, including transformation of scientific and technological research results, innovation in government administration, integration of science & technology with finance, and talent management, areas in which we have introduced a series of reform measures.

    Referring to ecological building, the mayor said Shanghai is currently implementing the sixth round of three-year action plan, and in the prevention and treatment of atmospheric pollution, many key tasks listed in the clean air action plan will be accomplished this year ahead of schedule. In the prevention and treatment of water pollution, Shanghai has started up the comprehensive treatment of medium and small rivers in its urban district and rural area, targeting elimination of pollution in all of them by the end of next year. In addition, we will continue comprehensive environmental treatment in some key areas to visibly improve the ecological environment in these places.

    Also, Yang Xiong interacted with the audience on topics ranging from the city’s master plan and improvement of public services to the introduction of overseas talent and maintenance of urban security.