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Yang Xiong Meets Mayor of Espoo, Finland

    On November 1, Yang Xiong, mayor of Shanghai, met with Jukka Mäkelä, mayor of Espoo, Finland, and his delegation, and they signed the Memorandum on Friendly Cooperation and Exchange 2017-2019 between Shanghai and Espoo.

    Mayor Yang Xiong called Espoo an important high-tech and innovation center in Northern Europe. Since becoming sister cities, Shanghai and Espoo have maintained close ties and carried out productive exchange and cooperation in the educational, cultural, social affairs, sustainable development, science & technology innovation areas. Science & technology make a core force driving future development. In recent years, Shanghai has vigorously implemented an innovation-driven development strategy, sped up the building of a globally influential science & technology innovation center and encouraged mass entrepreneurshipand innovation. Innovation and entrepreneurship of all kinds are flourishing and there has been an increasingly prevalent atmosphere of entrepreneurship and innovation in the city. He was very pleased to see the successful holding of Slush Shanghai held for the first time in the city, an international entrepreneurship and investment convention founded in Espoo and called it a vivid example in the friendly cooperation and exchange between the two cities. He hoped the two sister cities will further deepen their educational, cultural, innovation and entrepreneurship cooperationand achieve win-win development.

    Mayor Jukka Mäkeläsaid with the efforts of both sides, Slush Shanghai was successfully held in Shanghai on October 31, which is an example for cooperation and exchange between Espoo and Shanghai. The signing of a new round of memorandum has opened a new chapter in the cooperation and exchange between the two sides. He wished to see more exchange and cooperation between the two cities in the educational, science & technology, innovation & entrepreneurship and sustainable development areas.

    Jan Wahlberg, consul general of Finland in Shanghai, was present at the meeting.