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Shanghai and Hamburg Celebrate 30th Anniversary of Bonds in Shanghai

    From November 2 to 5, Shanghai and Hamburg held a series of events to mark the 30thanniversary of their sister-city ties at Jiang’an Sculpture Park, including “Impressive Moments”photo exhibition and the display of a large interactive model of Elbphilharmonie Hamburg.

    On the evening of November 2, a reception to mark 30years of Shanghai-Hamburg ties and the global road show of Elbphilharmonie Hamburg was given at the Art Center, Jiang’an Sculpture Park. It was attended by Shanghai Vice-Mayor Chen Yin and Hamburg Parliament President Carola Veit.

    In his speech, Vice-Mayor Chen Yin said since becoming sister cities in 1986, Shanghai and Hamburg have had fruitful cooperationand exchange in various areas. At present, Hamburg is one of our international sister cities maintaining the most close and frequent ties with Shanghai. He believed Shanghai-Hamburg relations will, complying with the comprehensive strategic partnership between the two countries, innovate ways of and deepen cooperation to better benefit their people.

    In his remarks, President Carola Veit said the profound friendship of 30 years between Shanghai and Hamburg is praiseworthy. Hamburg has nine sister cities, of which Shanghai is the one Hamburg has the most solid friendly relations with. Over the past 30 years, the two cities have built a unique cooperation network covering economy, ports, student exchange, culture, law, environment protection, elderly nursing and sports. After the World Expo Shanghai 2010, Hamburg House has been retained and continues to serve the exchange between the two cities, which stands a witness to our close relationship.

    Many Shanghai residents participated in the four-day celebrations through reports by traditional and social media and interactions.